7-inch Rack System


The 7 Inch Rack System is designed for exhaust fans that produce a high volume of grease output (i.e. grills that produce high volumes of liquid grease, broilers, etc). The 7 Inch System is versatile, easily installed, and adapts to various exhaust fans. The custom manufactured filters (aka “pillow”) are placed inside the rack. The rack has a built in drain that allows water to pass through the system at a high volume. After the initial installation of the rack, only the 2 pillows need to be replaced during regular scheduled hood cleanings depending on the volume of the restaurant. The pillows are inexpensive making this option one to consider for your high volume restaurants.

Rack Systems come ready to install, including 2 filters, a mounting holder, and our new deflector shield.

Replacement Filter

Each 7 Inch Rack System comes with custom DRIPLOC Filters inside. We recommend the filters be changed after each exhaust fan cleaning, however grease exhaust volume will dictate the changing frequency. Some technicians choose to only put one filter in the 7 inch rack system during low volume periods.