Pail System


The Pail Filter adapts to the grease drain found on the many different styles of exhaust fans.

On average, the Pail needs to be replaced after regular hood cleanings depending on the volume of the restaurant. The adapter and hose remain, while the new Pail is connected making the re-installation simple. It is very easy and clean to take the pail off/on the roof making a great fit for contractors. The Pail System has the custom manufactured filter medium inside. The Pail has 16 drain holes allowing water to pass through it at a high volume.  Grease is captured and water is released.

Note: You will need to purchase one of our adapters and hose extension to plumb the Pail.

Pail Filter

THE DRIPLOC Pail Filter was our first original filter design. Our intent behind the engineering was to design a system that would be the primary grease containment system but also serve as a "Wash Through" filter during routine hood cleaning services. Many of our customers still enjoy the ease and dual function of this system. Because of the dual function and the fact that it's used during the hood cleaning, you simply remove the old filter after cleaning and replace it with a new one.