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GRIPLOC Magnets (Each Pair Includes 1Pos & 1Neg Magnet)

Used by DRIPLOC as a "Second & Third Pair of Hands" during hood cleaning or any other work in the industry. Each pair consists of one+ and one-. High powered magnets (Use caution when handling)
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 Created by a hood cleaner for hood cleaners, these super strength magnets are built to last the entirety of your career—Satisfaction guaranteed! Hood cleaners across the U.S. are using our GRIPLOC Magnets because they are effective, and they save them time and money for the long haul. Because we deal directly with hood cleaners from all over, we have numerous application photos and ideas on ways to improve the efficiency of your vent hood cleaning. See below.


DRIPLOC is so confident that once you use our GRIPLOC Magnets, you will only order more that we offer you our guarantee. If you don’t like our product, send it back and we’ll refund your money, guaranteed. 

They are used by vent hood cleaners to quickly hang plastic during the job on metallic and many non-metallic surfaces.


The magnets used in the GRIPLOC System have, on average, 200 times the pulling force of the regular magnets.


Even when you encounter low-grade Stainless Steel and many other non-metallic surfaces, by using two GRIPLOC Magnets together you have the power to pull through the surface and hang the plastic just as well.


Regular magnets are very brittle and after repeated use they will chip, crack and break. The magnets used in GRIPLOC System are encased in an industrial aluminum case that protects them from damage. The aluminum case also gives you the leverage needed to easily handle and remove the magnets from surfaces.

Hood cleaners don’t lose GRIPLOC Magnets. First of all, they are big enough that they are not easily misplaced. Secondly and more importantly, your spray techs will NOT lose them because he will NOT want to be without them. If he lost these magnets, it would be like him losing his spray wand. He won’t want to lose these magnets.




Mini-Spinner hard surface cleaner is a great tool for cleaning all types of areas. From interior floors to those dirty dumpster pad areas, this tool cleans them all. This industrial cleaning unit is U.S.A made with a solid steel deck, commercial Mosmatic high pressure, high r.p.m swivel, it's built to last !