Endure Swivel
*The new DRIPLOC Endure Swivel’s best asset is a longer life span than any other swivel on the market. After a year of testing, we are very excited to bring this new product to market!  We know you will love it as well! 
*Our Endure Swivel adapts to ANY Mosmatic duct spinner cage/head with the adaptor kit which is included with all DRIPLOC Endure Swivels.
*These swivels can also operate at a lower psi allowing you to use them with an electric wash unit. (cold or hot)
*Lastly, the new swivels are easily rebuildable and very user friendly. These swivels are the future swivel for the new DRIPLOC duct spinners which should be available early next year. 
Hope that helps with your decision making when purchasing a replacement swivel. Feel free to call if you have any other questions.
Operating Limits 100-300 RPM; 250-5000 PSI; 3-6 GPM; 33-210 Degrees Fahrenheith


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