Hood Cleaners

Hood Cleaner Problems

  • Are you tired of stepping into grease on the roof of your restaurants?
  • Are you tired of wrestling with exhaust fans and paying to repair them?
  • Are you tired of your plastic falling down during cleanings?

DRIPLOC Solutions

  • DRIPLOC Grease Containment System makes you money.
  • DRIPLOC Hinge Kits allow you to clean better, save you time, and make you money.
  • GRIPLOC Magnets allow you to set up easier, faster, and save you time and money.
  • Facts About DRIPLOC & Hood Cleaners

  • Hood cleaners can make good money implementing DRIPLOC.
  • Hood cleaners have great contacts at local restaurants.
  • DRIPLOC has significant discount prices for hood cleaners.
  • Numerous hood cleaners utilize DRIPLOC products every night.
  • DRIPLOC products were designed with hood cleaners in mind.
  • DRIPLOC products are easy for hood cleaners to sell to their restaurants.
  • Hood cleaners can solve the greasy roof problem.
  • Hood cleaners are encouraged to wash their grease through our systems.
  • Hood cleaners can develop their own private label with Driploc (e.g. Bobs Grease Containment System, Steve's Grease Box, etc.)

DRIPLOC Trains Hood Cleaners For FREE! 

  • DRIPLOC will teach you how to install and maintain DRIPLOC. Its easy!
  • DRIPLOC provides you with ALL the necessary products, tools, and supplies to solve this common problem encountered by hood cleaners on restaurant roofs.
  • DRIPLOC will provide ongoing tech support. If a problem occurs, call us, we will provide you with several solutions.
  • We send DRIPLOC directly to you.


Here is how it works:

  1. If you're interested in DRIPLOC contact us today at 1-877-DRIPLOC
  2. Well visit and determine your needs.
  3. Review web for installation instructions/pictures. Its easy!
  4. Hood cleaners install appropriate system & hinges to restaurants.
  5. Call DRIPLOC with additional questions, instructions, and for tech support.
  6. After you have had success with our products, DRIPLOC will set you up with Distributor Status for FREE and you will continue to implement DRIPLOC into your business.
  7. Distributor Status includes:
    • Distributor Private Label
    • Discounted Pricing on ALL Products
    • Distributor Web Page
    • Distributor Marketing Materials (flyers, pictures, stickers, etc.)
    • Freight Discounts