Rooftop Grease Saturation

Don't let your roof get this bad

As long as the silverware is clean, who cares if the roof is a little dirty...right?A rooftop grease problem is more than just ugly.

Rooftop grease saturation causes:

  • Roofing material deterioration
  • Roof leaks
  • Structural Damage
  • Employee safety and liability concerns
  • Health Code violations
  • Runoff water pollution

Maintaining a grease-free roof is the simplest way to avoid all of these problems. And that's what we are here to help you do.

How does simple kitchen grease cause problems?

Grease saturation leads to leaking roofs, voided warranties, EPA violations, safety concerns, and increased risk of fire.Grease Saturation

Kitchen grease attacks roofing materials. It causes swelling, blistering and cracking. Once these materials are compromised, rainwater leaks into the roof substructure, and eventually into your dining areas.

Structural Design

Leaks don’t appear overnight. They happen slowly. The substructure of your roof can be exposed to the elements for a long time before the leak makes its way into your dining areas.

Voided Warranties

Often, roof company warranties specifically exempt kitchen grease. These null & void clauses can result in restaurant owners paying unexpected costly repairs as a result of grease saturation.

EPA Violations

The Environmental Protection Agency has become increasingly watchful of runoff water quality. If your roof is covered in grease, when it rains the runoff water takes your grease with it to the surrounding lakes and rivers. This EPA routinely tests local areas for these types of violations and fines accordingly.

Safety Concerns

Employees and maintenance professionals climb ladders when preforming routine roof duties. Grease on the roof creates an unsafe slip hazard that can easily be prevented.

Serious Fire Hazard

This rooftop grease fire could have been avoided.Anyone who has ever experienced a kitchen fire knows that grease burns.

If you’ll think about it, a lot of people run their cars on used kitchen grease.

In no real exaggeration, having your roof saturated in grease is one step away from having it saturated in diesel fuel! It’s just not a good idea.


All it takes is a stray spark, an electrical short, or even a lightning strike, and the whole place could go up in flames.

It’s a risk no one needs to take.