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Sug Single Item Price - $59
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What Does the DripLoc Containment System Do? 

  • DRIPLOC specializes is grease containment for the roof of thousands of restaurants utilizing our custom manufactured filter systems.
  • Our custom manufactured DRIPLOC Filter allows water (rainwater and dirty-greasy water from vent hood cleaners) to flow through our custom manufactured filter, while encapsulating the grease from the exhaust fan.
  • Simply put, the DRIPLOC Filter catches the grease while allowing water to pass through it, preventing new grease deposits from ever hitting the roof.
  • Once the system has been installed, the DRIPLOC Filter needs to be changed during regular scheduled hood cleanings.

Our DRIPLOC System is easily installed (less than 10 minutes). In addition, we currently provide substantial techn support that includes one-on-one problem solving phone calls and excellent web installation photos and instructions

What Makes DripLoc Unique?

DRIPLOC was designed by hood cleaners, for hood cleaners, and tested in real on-site environments for over 5 years. DRIPLOC uses a natural ingredient as part of our filter system. This process produces a super-absorbent filtering product that resists water-based re-hydration, but absorbs and encapsulates oil and other hydrocarbons. What you end up with is a 100% organic, non-leeching filter that locks in grease and oil, and lets water pass right though. The DRIPLOC Filter brings you the safest, non-leeching, proven method for absorbing oil and grease anywhere. 

Why should I use DripLoc?

It works, more affordable, and its guaranteed. Our systems are more effective than any other competitor on the market. Because we custom manufacture our products we are also able to make our systems more affordable than other companies. In addition, we guarantee our customers (restaurants and hood cleaners) 100% satisfaction. 

Which DripLoc System should I Choose?

Depending on a multitude of factors, DRIPLOC has many different solutions to the problems caused by exhaust fan grease. Please review our product tour section and contact us directly toll free with questions at 1-877-DRIPLOC.