3 Essentials Tools You Need

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3 Essential Tools You Need

We here at Driploc have your back when it comes to grease and greasy issues. Whether it’s containing messes when you’re cleaning an exhaust fan or it’s needing to access spaces safely, we have the essential tools you need to get the job done. Check out our featured products:

The GRIPLOC Magnets are pretty simple tools, but there is nothing ordinary about them. They are used by vent hood cleaners to quickly hang plastic during the job on metallic and many non-metallic surfaces. Unlike ordinary magnets, however, the GRIPLOC magnets have a super-strong pull and are packed with useful design.

Regular magnets are very brittle and after repeated use, they will chip, crack and break. GRIPLOC Magnets are encased in an aluminum case that protects them chipping and cracking.
The magnets used inside GRIPLOC Magnets have, on average, 200 times the pulling force of the regular magnets you might find at a hardware store. Each magnet has enough pulling force to lift over 25 lbs!
Even when you encounter low-grade Stainless Steel and many other non-metallic surfaces, using two GRIPLOC Magnets gives you the power to pull through the surface and hang the plastic just as well.

The DRIPLOC Spray Wash Cap is designed to control overspray when cleaning the underside of a rooftop exhaust fan. This is a great tool to screen and eliminate dirty cleaning water, heavy debris and particulates from the roof surface, walls, AC units, and other roof-mounted equipment.
The 48 in. reusable bonnet is inexpensive and pays for itself quickly with saved fuel, time and labor cost. This is the key to working smarter and not harder.

The Exhaust Fan Lift Handle plays a vital role in the cleaning, servicing and fire inspection process. It provides a safe way to lift, close and access the inner fan and ductwork without damaging the fan bowl and seals. Thus helping prevent future maintenance issues.

If we don’t have a product that solves your problems, we can cook up a solution! Just let us know what you need!
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