Soak Systems Tank + Soap Program

Stop scrubbing. Start soaking!

DRIPLOC’s soak tank turn-key program solves the problems you experience with your hard-to-clean vent hood filters.

Driploc Grease Solution

Problem: Dirty Vent Hood Filters Are Hazards

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Dirty Vent Hood Filters are Hazardous

  • Post as immediate fire hazards
  • Restrict air flow
  • Create smokey kitchens
  • Over stress fan motors
Driploc Grease Solution

Solution: Turn-key Soak Tank Program

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Why Invest in the Soak Tank Program

Overnight soaking:

  • Properly cleans filters
  • Dissolves hidden grease that causes air restriction
  • Clears filter drain holes, allowing grease to flow into hood tracks
  • Eliminates daily chemical waste
  • Greatly reduces labor costs
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Sign up for the Turn-key Soak Tank Program Today

As Low As $89 Per Month

  • Employee-safe DSC soap solution
  • No equipment to purchase
  • No reordering (soap auto-ships monthly)
  • Monthly replenishment reminder
  • Soap stays effective and fresh for 30 days
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Affordable, short-term program options

Soak Tank Program

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