Rooftop Grease Containment Program

Protect your Restaurant from Rooftop Grease Damage with DRIPLOC

You own a thriving restaurant business, but what happens to the grease on the roof of your building? The HVAC or vent hood cleaning company doesn’t often take care of this for you, leaving it to build up and become a fire hazard! That’s why you need DRIPLOC, the first company to establish a national turn-key grease containment system.

Driploc Grease Solution

Problem: Factory Boxes Fail

“That’s my roof!” We Hear That All The Time

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why this happens

Why This Happens:

  • Designed to be emptied 1X per week.
  • Don’t encapsulate grease & release water.
  • Have separation chambers that easily get impacted causing overflow.
  • Not enough capacity to carry you in between reasonable service times.

Out of Sight… Out of Mind

out of sight out of mind

How Factory Boxes Work Vs. Reality

how boxes work
grease causes

Grease on the Roof Causes…

  • Liquid Fire Hazard
  • Slip/Fall Hazard
  • Grease Mess in Rain Gutters
  • Grease Runoff on Sidewalk
  • Grease in Storm Drains
  • Potential EPA Fines
  • Voided Roof Warranty
Driploc Grease Solution

Solution: Install True Filtering Containment Systems

install filtering containment
national turn key

National Turn-Key Service Program

As Low As $159 Per Service

  • No Equipment to Purchase
  • No Long Term Service Contracts to Sign
  • No Business Interruption
  • No Equipment to Maintain
  • All Work Photo Documented


  • Installs All Equipment Needed
  • Dry Cleans Any Existing Roof Grease Spills
  • Removes Debris Around Fan Perimeter
  • Replaces Needed Filters
  • Photo Documents Service
  • Alerts Management of Any Roof Issues

Rooftop Grease Containment Program

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