Solving Rooftop Grease Problems since 2002

DRIPLOC Inc. was founded in 2002 by Barry Wagner and Paul Cairns in Oklahoma City. Wagner and Cairns formed a partnership and developed DRIPLOCDRIPLOC specializes in solving rooftop grease problems and manufactures 68 different products. 

DRIPLOC has two divisions: 

  1. DRIPLOC Service
  2. DRIPLOC Manufacturing

The DRIPLOC Service Division provides the Service Program for thousands of restaurants nationally. The DRIPLOC Manufacturing Division produces products and supports our distributors located all over the U.S.

Continuously Improving & Developing Products

With 51 years of combined business experience, DRIPLOC Inc is constantly striving to improve our current products and to develop new products that positively enhance our respective industries.

DRIPLOC’s goal is to operate a successful business while making decisions using the highest set of business ethics and practices.  DRIPLOC mission is to be a provider of opportunities.  We have an overriding belief that all things happen for a reason.  DRIPLOC wants to see our customers succeed and we will do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

About DRIPLOC product line - solving rooftop grease problems
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