Mini Spinner Surface Cleaner Rental Exchange Program

Mini Spinner Surface Cleaner Rental Exchanges

Clean concrete demands a lot of time, labor and chemicals each day!

Driploc Grease Solution

Problem: Dirty Sidewalks & Stalls

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Why Cleaning with Power Wash Wands Doesn’t Work

  • Slow back-breaking work
  • Labor intensive
  • Wastes chemicals
  • Sends debris flying
  • Cleans unevenly
Driploc Grease Solution

Solution: Mini Spinner Surface Cleaners

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Why Clean with Mini Spinner Surface Cleaners

  • Safer to operate
  • 10x faster results
  • Saves labor costs
  • Cleans deeper
  • Saves chemicals
  • Reduces flying debris
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Rent Your Mini Spinner Today

As Low As $50 Per Month

  • Adapts to your pressure washer
  • No equipment to purchase
  • No contract
  • No costly repairs
  • If problem, simply exchange

Mini Spinner Program

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