Amazing Uses for Griploc Magnets You Never Considered

Griploc Magnets

Amazing Uses for Griploc Magnets You Never Considered


Every time we discuss our Griploc Super Magnets, or bring them out with us to a trade show, we are astonished at the attention they get. We here at Driploc take it for granted and forget how amazing they are. Our magnets basically have their own groupies. With 75 lbs of force, each set of magnets can easily hold their own as an investment tool in a number of industries. Read on for more ideas on how to utilize our favorite little tool around the shop.

1. Hold up plastic sheeting when cleaning kitchen hoods. This is the OG use of the magnets and why we invented them in the first place. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

2. Locate Studs in a wall. A strong magnet can easily find the nails and/or screws holding the stud and drywall together. And Griploc magnets are super strong!

3. Pick up metal objects. Magnets are also extremely useful for safely picking up screws, needles, and other pointy objects from the floor if you ever have an accidental spill.

4. Rescue metal items from a drain or crevice. Ooh, keep this one in mind when you drop your wedding ring down the sink! Griploc magnets could literally save your marriage.

5. Remove jammed batteries. Use your magnets do the hard work when you just can’t pry the batteries out of your remote no matter how hard you try.

6. Magic trick. Amaze your friends and family with your new telekinetic powers! Slip a Griploc magnet on the underside of the table, directly underneath the pepper shaker or another metal object. They’ll watch in amazement as you move the object without touching it at all!!

7. Create a massive tower by stacking your Griploc magnets end-to-end. Seriously. If you do this, send us a pic, we wanna see!

What other cool uses have you found for your magnets! Email them to us at and reference this post and we may feature you in a future piece!


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