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3 Tools To Maximize Your Cleaning Efficiency 
The DRIPLOC 6″ STINGER Duct Cleaner with Variable Speed Control is revolutionizing the way we clean duct work today. Slow RPM allows the spray pattern to impact the duct wall at a higher PSI as well as allows the spray to stay together longer resulting in a larger diameter of the duct being cleaned.
The STINGER duct cleaners were built off of a surface cleaner swivel platform with the end result being a tough, long lasting dependable tool. Since DRIPLOC develops it’s products in the field, we understand things break and that is why we designed the STINGER to be completely field repairable. From the simple, easy to remove cage design to the handy “Head Setter” tool which allows you to “Dial In” that perfect rotation speed to maximize your cleaning reach, the STINGER is designed to be a workhorse.
Our goal was simple, “build a better mouse trap”…..that actually works as advertised.
$495 each, was $745
Free Shipping
STINGER Rotating Cleaning Head by DRIPLOC
STINGER Rotating Cleaning Head by DRIPLOC
The DRIPLOC 3″ STINGER Variable Speed Control Spray Tip comes pre-assembled with a stainless steel inline quick coupler. Just quick couple the head to end of your wand and effectively clean all the hard to reach areas in the vent hood tracks and plenums.
The 3″ STINGERS small diameter body and bullet shaped cage make it a much safer option for cleaning in those nerve racking areas around the fire suppression cables and linkage.
Let’s face it, scrapers are great tools for hood cleaners but why would we crawl around scraping when we can safely stand on the ground and use that pressure washer we brought with us! 
Our motto has always been to “Work smarter not harder” and this tool definitely helps you accomplishes that goal. 
Most find when using this tool that they save a minimum of 15-30 minutes of that hand, back and knuckle busting labor at every job.
$495 each, was $775
Free Shipping
The GRIPLOC Magnets are pretty simple tools, but there is nothing ordinary about them. They are used by vent hood cleaners to quickly hang plastic during the job on metallic and many non-metallic surfaces. Unlike ordinary magnets, however, the GRIPLOC magnets have a super-strong pull and are packed with useful design.
Regular magnets are very brittle and after repeated use they will chip, crack and break. GRIPLOC Magnets are machined from a 1.5″ solid stock of aluminum making them virtually indestructible and protecting the magnet from chipping and cracking.
The magnets used inside GRIPLOC Magnets have, on average, 200 times the pulling force of the regular magnets you might find at a hardware store. Each magnet has enough pulling force to lift over 75 lbs!
Even when you encounter low-grade Stainless Steel and many other non-metallic surfaces, using two GRIPLOC Magnets gives you the power to pull through the surface and hang the plastic just as well.
Bundle Packs as low as $51 per set, was $89 
(1 positive – 1 negative magnet pair)
Free Shipping
Free Magnet Carrier when purchasing the 8 or 12 pack! Over $50 Value
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