December Driploc Newsletter

December Driploc Newsletter
                                           December 2019
                                What’s going on at Driploc?  
Check out the Cyber Monday deals we are cooking up over at Hint: If you’re in the market for a Soak Tank + Soap Bundle, you’re gonna wanna click and see.
Solving your greasy and gross rooftop issues are just another day at the office for us.
Curious what product you need or how to clean up a greasy mess? Send over your pictures and we can help you out!
Email your pictures to or reply to this newsletter!
How a Soak Tank Can Solve Your Greasy Kitchen Issues
Whether you’re a chef, kitchen manager or a restaurant owner, you spend too much time thinking about how best to clean the grossest items in your kitchen. The baked-on pans, the greasy vent hood filters, the scrubbing, oh, the scrubbing.
We’re here to answer your questions about soaking your cookware so you can stop scrubbing and get back to what you’d rather be doing; running your kitchen.
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