JJ1425 DRIPLOC Type#2-S Hinge W/Sidearm Support Kit (Combo Pack)


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TYPE 2S Hinge Kit with Sidearm Support Kit (Combo Pack)

Some exhaust fans just need extra support for proper hinging. Our new Sidearm Support Arm kit works with our TYPE 2S Hinge Kit and is designed to add fan base support to larger fans, fans with thin aluminum bases or even damaged fans that need reinforcing.

Total Corner Support:
The unique L-Shaped Lift-Assist Arms wrap around the fan base corner and bolt to the rear hinge leaf. This ties together the entire fan base corner creating a super strong hinging system.

Rear Axle Support:
The kit includes a new rear hinge axle support bracket that helps support the rear hinges.

Everything You Need:
This entire kit package (TYPE 2S Hinge Kit with additional Sidearm Support Kit comes with everything you need. It can be installed by a single person without having to remove the fan. It comes with a two rear hinges, side hinge support brackets, the new wrap-around Sidearm Support Arms, rear hinge axle, the new rear axle support bracket, safety chains and all necessary hardware.