LL1200 DRIPLOC Dual Seal Access Panel


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Introducing DRIPLOC’s Dual Seal Fan Access Panel (SKU# LL1200): Your solution for professional rooftop exhaust fan maintenance.

What’s new?

With a redesigned grease-resistant rubber backing and an improved outer seal profile, this access panel guarantees an extended lifespan and superior leak protection even in the harshest grease-laden environments.

Why you’ll love it:

• Double the leak protection with our patent-pending dual-seal design ensures maximum efficiency and safety.

• Designed from high-quality silicone and grease-resistant rubber, it withstands high temperatures and aggressive kitchen grease to ensure long-lasting reliability.

• Easy installation in under 10 minutes with a straightforward process that requires nothing more than a common drill and a 4″ bi-metal hole saw.

• User-friendly features include retaining spring clips for secure placement and an Eye Bolt handle for easy installation and removal.

DRIPLOC’s Dual Seal Fan Access Panel provides easy access to fan blades with a 4” opening, allowing for hassle-free inspection and cleaning of upblast fan blades. It is also fully compliant with NFPA Standard 96 and, ensuring essential safety standards are met.