What Not To Do With Your Rooftop Exhaust System

What Not To Do With Your Rooftop Exhaust System

What Not To Do With Your Rooftop Exhaust System



You’re probably a smart cookie. You click on links to industry articles and like to learn more and stay on top of current trends. Go you! You probably also know that you need to keep your rooftop grease containment under control. But do you know the things you shouldn’t ever do with your rooftop exhaust system?

You should never use a bucket to catch grease

It’s not simply that it looks disgusting and unprofessional. It’s not even that someone could knock it over spilling all that grease all over the roof of your restaurant. While those are good reasons to not use a 5-gallon bucket to catch all the grease from out of your exhaust, it’s not the main reason.

Your restaurant’s grease isn’t the only thing that gets slowly drained into that bucket. There’s also rainwater. As Mother Nature does her thing, your 5-gallon bucket is just getting fuller and fuller. Until, oops! Your greasy water concoction is now spilling all over.

What you really need is a system that filters out the water from the grease so rainwater doesn’t cause everything to go spilling out the top.

You should never forget to change out the filter

Since you’re such a smart cookie, you probably already followed my directions and rushed out to have a filtering grease containment system installed. One that filters the water from the grease. But you can’t just set it and forget it. The water drains out from the system and goes on its merry way through the water cycle, but what about all the grease? It’s still hanging out in the filter.

Depending on your restaurant’s grease output, filters should be changed out approximately once a quarter. You can try to mark it on your calendar and go purchase a new filter every 3 months. Climb up to your roof and replace the filter yourself. Or you can let Driploc handle all the messy details with our service program. We ascertain your grease output to install the right containment box and filters for your needs. And then we’re back every 3 months like clockwork to take care of you and your roof. No extra effort needed. 

Call Driploc at 1-877-374-7562 to have your rooftop grease needs assessed.

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