Your Rooftop: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Your Rooftop: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

How long has it been since you’ve seen the roof of your restaurant? Do you know what it’s supposed to look like? Read on to see examples of what a good, healthy grease-free roof looks like as opposed to one with grease present or *gasp* one with major damage. 

The Good: A good roof is one that is grease-free. It has either never had a grease spill because it was installed with an effective grease containment system immediately, or there was a small leak and it was quickly cleaned up. 

This is what you want your roof to look like. There is no structural damage and it is very pretty. 

The Bad: A bad roof will have some grease present, leaked from the exhaust fan either due to an ineffective containment system or due to a lack of maintenance. 

This type of roof does have some damage but can be cleaned. Some repairs to the roof’s structure may be warranted. Further damage can be prevented by determining where the issue lies with your grease system and taking steps to resolve it. 

We never recommend using or bucket or trash can to catch grease in! Always use the correct size grease containment system for your restaurant’s grease output. 

The Ugly: You don’t want an ugly roof. Not only is it ugly appearance-wise, but the structural integrity of this roof is damaged beyond repair. The only recourse at this point is a replacement of the roof. 


If you have to strategically place cardboard or other objects in order to reach the exhaust fan, you’re doing it wrong. 

Which of these roofs looks the most like the roof of your restaurant?
Don’t let your roof be an ugly roof. 
Call Driploc at 1 877 374 7562 to set up Grease Containment Services at your restaurant today. 

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