3 Simple Ways To Prevent Unbudgeted Repair Costs

One of the largest profit thieves is the one labeled “Maintenance and Repair”. Premature replacement and repair of our cooking equipment, vent hood systems, and rooftop are all easily avoidable when we have good preventive maintenance, cleaning and inspection processes in place. Not only do these processes help us avoid having to deal with untimely, costly and most importantly unbudgeted cost, they also help our operations run smooth and clean, day in and day out.

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Care About Grease on Your Roof

As a restaurant manager or owner, you’re very busy. You have so many details to oversee, equipment to maintain, and if there’s something you could take off your plate, you would gladly drop it like a hot potato. Grease on your rooftop is a gross problem and here are three reasons why you just shouldn’t bother caring about it.

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Ikeca Member Referral Program

Refer a company to join IKECA, SAVE MONEY on YOUR 2016 membership dues!
Use your peer network of KEC professionals to help grow IKECA! Reach out to your clients, vendors, and kitchen exhaust cleaning companies and tell them about IKECA! Contact Michael Canino at with questions.

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The Stinger 3″ & 6″

DRIPLOC is proud to introduce our newest product, The “STINGER“. The Stinger is the most advanced Duct Cleaner on the market today and is manufactured using the latest and highest quality material available! ​   What separates the Stinger from any competition is our revolutionary “Variable Speed Control Head Technology“. By simply adjusting the angle of the spray arms located on top of the […]

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